Bravo Mr. Keen- “the cult of the amateur- on comedy central- the internet

the cult of the amateur- a book he wrote that i’m going out to buy right now! thanks kelly for making me aware of this! daily i am troubled about this and how to move my cross- platform projects forward – is youtube an asset or a liability- as we raise our platform and extend our reach and brand with content that is not what i intend to license to the networks but just a quick fix in the meantime as they “sort them selves out” …how do i monetize on my IP, does my business plan make sense? he touches on all of the things i grapple on and with and the jokes are the ones i tell over and over again with my business partners and the various broadcasters i am in negotiations with…its a tricky time right now…with the mergers and the climate of television right now in canada. i can’t eat my underware… but the internet is a way to get it out there and sell it so i can eat and pay my rent! geez louise!


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