Momma Blyss

So life has been busy.  Blyss is on Maternity leave.  Mr. Wiggles aka Mr. P was born in mid august and Blyss is presently beginning to think about returning to the boards.

She intends to be back in fighting form in the new year when she returns from her holidays.

If you are interested in Booking Blyss please email us at

mr. wiggles aka mr. p

mr. wiggles aka mr. p


Blyss and her pickles

Blyss headlines at Twisted Comedy at the Cobalt.

See her new u-tube!

Bravo Mr. Keen- “the cult of the amateur- on comedy central- the internet

the cult of the amateur- a book he wrote that i’m going out to buy right now! thanks kelly for making me aware of this! daily i am troubled about this and how to move my cross- platform projects forward – is youtube an asset or a liability- as we raise our platform and extend our reach and brand with content that is not what i intend to license to the networks but just a quick fix in the meantime as they “sort them selves out” …how do i monetize on my IP, does my business plan make sense? he touches on all of the things i grapple on and with and the jokes are the ones i tell over and over again with my business partners and the various broadcasters i am in negotiations with…its a tricky time right now…with the mergers and the climate of television right now in canada. i can’t eat my underware… but the internet is a way to get it out there and sell it so i can eat and pay my rent! geez louise!

to market to market…last time Banff, this time TIFF

547232649_6ec344688f_m1.jpgso last time i went to market it was this past June and it was the Banff World Television Festival and nextMEDIA.  i received a grant from BC Film to attend and i was pitching my cross platform project the Blyss Show and my “other series”. this time i’m off to TIFF to attend the “match club” pitch my doc feature and perhaps a few others… it would be great to present my slate… its just with my series moving so quickly i shan’t bite off more than i can chew… as my grandfather always said, “softly softly catch the monkey”

The Blyss Show Teaser

Blyss Does Pride

Blyss Gets Her Pony