Vidfest 2008!

hey there folks,

as you know i’m an environmentalist so i’m very excited about this year’s focus of vidfest

VIDFEST 2008 is showcasing the power of digital media to achieve altruistic goals, from tackling climate change to enabling entrepreneurs in the developing world.

check out the amazing speakers at

i hope to see you there!

Siobhan aka Blyss


Blyss Performing at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2008!

Hey there sass-pots! I’m very excited to announce that i will be performing twice this year at the 2008 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival!

I’m honoured to be performing on Tuesday April 29th at the Majestic for Kitty Night’s West Vox Its a special singing addition where I will be sharing the stage with some of my good friends and favourite performers: Little Woo, The Diamond Minx, Bonnie Kilroe and for the first time ever with Burgundy Brixx, the hostess of the mostess!

On Wednesday April 30th I’ll be performing Blyss and Her Pickles at Bonnie Kilroe’s Corrupt Cabaret at the Royal Unicorn 147 W Pender
Doors 8 pm Show 9 pm
Tix $6

Bonnie is so awesome I hope you come out to see the wonderful line-up she has produced for this night!

kisses and licks

Blyss xo

Blyss and her pickles

Blyss headlines at Twisted Comedy at the Cobalt.

See her new u-tube!

Mask Making Workshop Sunday March 30 & April 6 from 1-4

Mask Making Workshop Sunday March 30 & April 6 from 1-4

Hello Folks

This workshop is a great way to connect with a friend, partner, or loved one as it takes two people to make one mask- a truly unique art-form.

Last year I had married couples tell me that it did wonders for their relationship. As we head into spring and start to think of love, and warm fuzzy feelings… might I suggest bringing a friend or that special someone in your life? Perhaps parents might want to capture their child’s face forever in plaster before they grow up too quickly.

If you register as a “couple” and that just means two people you don’t have to be in a “relationship” you can pay only $110 for the two of you.

If you are not in a relationship and find yourself single a please don’t be shy come have a blast and celebrate your fabulousness with me and meet new people!

Wishing you a blyssful week and month of self care and love.
Siobhan aka Blyss

absolut theatre co. & blyssful productions presents:

The Masks We Wear

Created and facilitated by: S. Siobhan McCarthy aka Blyss- Artistic Director of the absolut theatre company and past Artist in Residence with the City of Vancouver at gallery gachet.

Siobhan McCarthy is “Canada’s most successful cross over artist” Canadian Theatre Review, 2005

Siobhan McCarthy is an actor/ performer/ teacher with many years of professional performance experience and training, which allows her to draw from a wide range of bodywork/ movement modalities.

Ms. McCarthy is an accomplished PPSEC approved teacher and private acting coach. She has taught and lectured at UBC, The Vancouver Film School, The Vancouver School Board, John Casblanca’s Acting School, New Image College of Fine Arts as well as other colleges and private institutions.

Sunday March 30 and April 6 from 1-4 pm at the studio of the absolut theatre company and blyssful PRODUCTIONS, Artech Building 336 east 1st ave Vancouver, BC

Plaster Mask Making Workshop
In this mask making workshop participants will create a custom-made plaster of paris mask that they can use later on in performance or for fun, ie. for future events. Please bring an old towel/ face cloth, wear old clothes, no make-up and be prepared to get messy and have a lot of fun!

Light refreshments will be served. All supplies are included. Cost $ 65.00 includes membership to the absolut theatre company society

About the Masks We Wear Project
This is an innovative multi-media community- building project devised by Siobhan McCarthy. It is an experimental workshop/ lab/ rehearsal series that will take place over an extended period of time- where actors, visual artists and members of the general public can make custom-fit masks, develop characters and performances that will result in an community installation performance project at the absolut theatre company in the months to come.

To register in this workshop or in the workshop series please call 604 263 1859 and/or email

“The Masks We Wear” project was originally funded by the CIF, the City of Vancouver Office of Cultural Affairs Diversity Grant and the Spirit of BC Arts Fund.

Siobhan McCarthy
Managing Artistic Director/ Producer
absolut theatre company society
blyssful productions
(604) 263 1859
(604) 842 6663 (mobile)…arthy.htm

The Word According to Blyss- Is the Future Friendly?

The Word According to Blyss- Is the Future Friendly?In Yaletown Magazine’s March’s issue of the Word according to Blyss © S. Siobhan McCarthy/ blyssfulPRODUCTIONS.. Siobhan aka Blyss discusses cell phone etiquette.

The Word According to Blyss- Identity and Relationships by S. Siobhan McCarthy aka Blyss

The Word According to Blyss- Identity and Relationships by S. Siobhan McCarthy aka Blyss
©Siobhan McCarthy-blyssfulPRODUCTIONS

Check out February’s Issue of Yaletown Magazine! Identity and Relationships! In this months column I talk about identity, relationship status, change, jealousy, valentine’s day and celebrating being single.

Let me know what you think!

Siobhan aka Blyss

The Word According To Blyss- “What’s the difference between connection and attraction? What are you manifesting? Is it Taboo? by S. Siobhan McCarthy as Blyss

So for years i’ve been researching connection and attraction. I hope you enjoy this issue of Yaletown Magazine’s “The Word According to Blyss”blyss-jan-2008.pdf© S. Siobhan McCarthy- blyssful PRODUCTIONS

I hope to catch you at this year’s taboo were i will be doing a seminar and performing with Ms. X. Come find us in our booth at 1412 or on the main stage strutting our sassy stuff!