Vidfest 2008- permission to blog authentically

so i’m having fun at vidfest- learning and thinking a lot about the information being presented.

the last panel : The care and feeding of audiences
What is the ideal relationship between content and audience in the digital space? Find out how two superstar bloggers have developed a strategy that sets boundaries while expanding their website’s reach.
Heather Armstrong,
Maggie Mason, &; Author of No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog

was a blast and gave me so much to think about regarding life, and what happens when it shifts and changes.

i feel a huge need to give a shout out to heather armstrong and maggie mason for their insight, honesty and encouragement to keep on my path of being a writer and publisher. to be an authentic human as my life and brand shifts.

kuddos to you ladies!

i hope you all come out to the next sessions

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ciao for now

s aka Blyss