The Word According To Blyss- “What’s the difference between connection and attraction? What are you manifesting? Is it Taboo? by S. Siobhan McCarthy as Blyss

So for years i’ve been researching connection and attraction. I hope you enjoy this issue of Yaletown Magazine’s “The Word According to Blyss”blyss-jan-2008.pdf© S. Siobhan McCarthy- blyssful PRODUCTIONS

I hope to catch you at this year’s taboo were i will be doing a seminar and performing with Ms. X. Come find us in our booth at 1412 or on the main stage strutting our sassy stuff!


The Word According To Blyss-Finding Your Perfect Pineapple

Finding Your Perfect Pineapple
by. S. Siobhan McCarthy

Yaletown magazine hit the streets and mailboxes today! My column “The Word According To Blyss” was launched and I’m excited about it. I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for the monthly articles. Here is this month’s

They call the pineapple the “heart of gold” but it’s a tricky fruit.

Because when you’re shopping for it you never really know what you are going to get. It may look all wonderful and lush on the outside but that might not be what you are really getting… Like the men I tend to date…. Tricky… Like I fear I’m becoming as a result of these experiences…. Tricky. ( hit link to read more )

Finding Your Perfect Pineapple